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Venezuela - Area: 352,143 sq. miles, Location: On the Caribbean coast of South America, Capital: Caracas


Welcome message



Welcome to Venezuela's uniqueness page!  Venezuela is called 'Land of Grace'. It is the place where our Lord created the most beautiful landscapes and happiest people of the world (Guiness Record 2008). Beautiful beaches, caudalous rivers in the Amazon, exciting jungle, exotic flora and fauna, dunes,  high and snowed mountains, the highest waterfalls, a huge biodiversity in the plains, gorgeous coral reaf belts and more. Venezuela's people are a mix of indigenous ethnic groups, Africans, and Europeans (mainly Italians, Spanish and Portuguese). That mix makes Venezuelan women the most beautiful of the world. We recently won the Guiness record as the country with more beauty contestant winners in history: Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International. Twice in a row, Venezuela has received Miss Universe crown, in 2008 and 2009.


Venezuela is also the home country of famous fashion designers, such as Carolina Herrera, Angel Sánchez and others.


We are also one of the best reservoire of Major League Baseball players: Bob Abreu, Johan Santana, Magglio Ordoñez, Miguel Cabrera, Melvin Mora, Ozzie Guillén, Ugueth Urbina, Wilson Alvarez, Andrés Galarraga, David Concepción, Luis Aparicio, etc. Another famous sportsman is Carlos Coste,  a world class free-diver and record-holder. He became the first human to achieve a Free Immersion of more than 100 meters, certified by Guinness World Records.


Our music has been well known all over the world thanks to our best proud Gustavo Dudamel, the youngest and most famous orchestra conductor of the world nowadays; Oscar de León with his Salsa; Simón Diaz, whose Caballo viejo song (old horse) has been translated into 12 different languages; José Luis Rodríguez (El Puma), Franco de Vita; Ricardo Montaner, and Los Amigos Invisibles,  among others.


Our traditional food is also unique: Arepas, cachapas, pabellón, chicha andina, hallacas and a mix of delicious flavors please the most demanding tastes. Caracas is famous for its 'haut cuisine'.


In sum, there are many reasons to come and visit us. We invite you to wacth this video, which will give you some hints of why Venezuela is a unique country.


Venezuelan Webheads



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This is Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, homeland of liberators, and the city where I was born. :-)  




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This is the Angel Fall (El Salto Angel); the highest waterfall of the world. What a proud! This is just one of the single reasons why our country is unique. Enjoy this video!  



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Has any of you watched the movie called UP? This is a film produced by Disney - Pixar, and the setting is our Gran Sabana, the place where Angel Falls is located, in fact they show it when the "adventurers" are about to land.




Since Gustavo Dudamel and the National Youth Orchestra performed in London's Proms in 2007, our music has spread around the world. In radio stations belonging to the PRS, like the Minnesota Public Radio Station, Seattle's King FM, one can listen to presenters talking about the "System" and Maestro Abreu, as an instroduction to the music they'll broadcast. The repertoire goes from classics like Mahler, Beethoven, to not so classic like Bernstein's Mambo.

The city of Los Angeles, literally, went crazy with the welcome they gave to the new Philharmonic conductor: Gustavo, as they call him. The innaugural concert closed with a wonderful firework show, as the Philharmonic conducted by Dudamel played Beethoven's  Ode to Joy, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TPlg_90c44&feature=related


But, in the video below you'll have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most pure manifestations of our "creole" music, this particular partiture was composed by Aldemaro Romero, born in Valencia, Venezuela, and creator of what is called "Onda Nueva", in English New Wave. He named it Pajarillo, the translation could be like little bird, and represents a kind of music  played in Venezuela's plains by country men, after they finish their daily work. The main instruments are harp, "cuatro", smaller than a guitar and with four strings, and "maracas".



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The video below is a sample of Aldemaro Romero's work, presented at the Venezuelan Embassy in Madrid.



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Our national flower: Orchid



Venezuela national flower-1 


Evelyn and María Irene


Comments (8)

Nina Lyulkun said

at 7:11 pm on Oct 22, 2009

Hi Eve!

Nice page of your beautiful country! Fantastic video!

Dr. Hala said

at 7:16 pm on Oct 23, 2009

Wow! Fabulous work beautiful Venezuelan Webheads!
You rock, like always!

Evelyn Izquierdo said

at 8:02 pm on Oct 23, 2009

Thank you Hala!!!! I haven't won Miss Universe, but I feel beautiful, ha ha ha. What a compromise!!!!!!

Evelyn Izquierdo said

at 8:03 pm on Oct 23, 2009

Thanks so much Nina. I'm sure Ukraine is also unique. I'm looking forward to visiting your page and learning from your country. I guess it is as unique as you are.

Buthaina AlOthmn said

at 5:58 pm on Oct 30, 2009

Thank you, Venzuelan Webheads, Evelyn and Maria Irene for this fantastic work! I hope to have my students join and talk about Kuwait as a unique place!

Evelyn Izquierdo said

at 1:55 am on Nov 7, 2009

They sure will Buth. Thanks for visiting our page. We hope it can be an inspiration for other Webheads and their students.

Annie B said

at 5:24 pm on Feb 9, 2011

Annie B said

at 5:26 pm on Feb 9, 2011

Loved this page, Evelyn! Que encantador "Fuga con Pajarillo" I loved the outdoor venue and the mix of genres. I wanted to dance! Fabulous. So was Angel Falls. That video going over the edge is very emotional! WOW!

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