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What makes Sudan a unique country?

This project has been done by 2 students in their second class at Computer Science College, University of Science and Technology,(Al-Tagana). They used Windows Movie Maker. I uploaded the video to YouTube.

Anas Blog

Mohamed Babiker Blog (He created this one first. Soon, he will  create another one for the English language tasks)


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Comments (12)

Nina Lyulkun said

at 8:24 pm on Nov 6, 2009

Dear Hala,

The video looks great! It awakes some special feelings about your country and your people. I love it very much.
Music is very nice. I was watching it several times, no matter that it was 0:45 a.m. here.
Really wonderful story!
Thanks a ton for sharing.


Evelyn Izquierdo said

at 1:50 am on Nov 7, 2009

Dear Hala,
What a beautiful video! It really invites us to visit your country. You have such a variety of cultures, landscapes, climates, etc. It looks exciting. I'd love to go there someday.
Hugs from Caracas, Venezuela.

Dr. Hala said

at 10:23 am on Nov 7, 2009

Dear Nina and Eve,
Thank you for your words! My students will be very happy and encouraged when they read your comments.
Sudan opens its doors to all, with a special touch of generosity, kindness and love to the whole world!
Hala (Teacher Hala, as they call me:-)

Acunetix said

at 1:14 pm on Nov 7, 2009

hello all

I'm proud of my self that I'm Sudanese

And I still get nothing but love for my community

And you can never understand 'til we trade places


Nina Lyulkun said

at 1:50 pm on Nov 7, 2009

Dear Anas,
That's really right that you are proud to be Sudanese! Everyone should be proud of their country. But your country is really special one. It's my rosy dream to travel to your country someday.

Stay happy and successful!

Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine)

Mohamed Babiker said

at 5:10 pm on Nov 7, 2009

Hello all

Firstly thanks to Teacher Hala to help us to learn the English Language.
I love her style on teaching English.

I also thank all of the add a comment on this project

And I welcome to all who love to visit us in the Sudan

Thank you, Teacher Hala at all that you have given me >>>>

Buthaina AlOthmn said

at 7:21 pm on Nov 7, 2009

WOW!! This is really awesome, Hala. Thank you and your students for such a wonderful work. The video gives a great image of Sudan and its beautiful nature.

I'm planning to have my students start working on this project after we are done with quizzes in a couple of days. You are welcome to have a look at their work so far on the class wiki at: http://english090.wikispaces.com

Wishing you all the best....

sasa@... said

at 7:17 am on Nov 8, 2009

Dear teacher Hala, Anas and Mohamed - I enjoyed your video very much. Loved the photos and narration from the heart of Africa. I didn't know about most of the things you mentioned. I hope one day I will have the chance to see these places.
Warm regards from Slovenia,

Biljana Naumoska said

at 8:06 am on Nov 8, 2009

Dear Hala,
Your students have done really great thing!
Knowing different countries, cultures give us opportunity to know each other and understand each other much better.
Thanks to your students and you I've just seen the beauty of your country!
Biljana, Macedonia

Dot MacKenzie said

at 10:16 am on Nov 8, 2009

Dear Hala

It is super. Which programme did you use to make the video? I have inserted a copy in http://handsacrosstheoceans.edublogs.org.

Acunetix said

at 2:31 pm on Nov 8, 2009

hi dot mackenzie

thnx for your nice comment

the program is " Ulead VideoStudio "

Teresa Almeida d'Eca said

at 2:36 pm on Nov 8, 2009

Dear Hala and students,
What a beautiful video and what a great job done!
As I said in Mohammed's blog just now, I'm now more anxious to be able to meet you, your students, and see your country and meet your people.
Keep up the great work! :-)
Hugs, Teresa (Portugal)

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