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Page history last edited by Nina Lyulkun 14 years, 7 months ago

Read this blog post: What makes Slovenia unique? 


  • the response created by the informatics group  



  • the response created by the mechatronics group


Saša: My embed code doesn't work. Help!

Nina: How to embed the video:

While editing click on Insert Plugin -->HTML&Gadgets ---> HTML/JavaScript, then paste the code and click on Preview and the OK. That's it with Pbwiki editing. ;-)

Here is the video tutorial: Inserting Video

Saša: Nina, if I try to repeat this using the Animoto embed code, the video doesn't show. Where did you get the code you have inserted in the HTML plugin? It is not the same as the one I pasted here from Animoto.


Nina: Well Saša, I clicked on 'What makes Slovenia unique' , then in your blog 'Video' (you linked to Animoto) then 'Share this video', and after that 'More options' as I couldn't see where to grab the code. And after that I copied the code in the line below.  See the snapshots:

More options 


Saša: Thanks a lot, Nina. I seem to have copied some other type of code. Well, here they are now both videos thanks to you. :-)

Comments (5)

Nina Lyulkun said

at 7:33 am on Oct 23, 2009

Hi Sasa!
Fantastic video! Thanks for sharing.
I've figured out what was the problem with embeding it to the Pbwiki. Now it works OK.

sasa@... said

at 7:39 am on Oct 23, 2009

Thanksa lot Nina! I'll follow your instructions and try to insert the other one too. I always seem to end up having problems with these Animoto codes...

Nina Lyulkun said

at 7:48 am on Oct 23, 2009

Happy to be helpful.


Dr. Hala said

at 5:22 pm on Nov 20, 2009

Great video, Sasa!
Congratulations on a beautiful work about your country.
Clap clap for your smart students. A video worth to share and remember.
Virtual hugs,
Hala (Sudan)

Dr. Hala said

at 5:25 pm on Nov 20, 2009

On my comment above, the second video was not showing (mm,weird!)
Now, I have just seen the response created by the mechatronics group. GREAT! I LOVE the music too!
Clap clap clap for them all:-)

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